Welcome! EarthWords will be an open database of slogans and protest banners for eco-activists. Any Earth warrior looking to join the next ecological protest will be able to visit and get inspired with the banners others have posted and post their own banner. We will also have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but the website will be interactive and easily-searchable, which is a big plus. It will also feature content which will bring us visitors from search engines.

EarthWords is a new non-profit web project currently being built by a team of eco-activists, web developers and internet marketing professionals. Come back later or contact us using the form below to join our team.

At EarthWords, you will find all you need. There will be banners, ratings, likes, hearts, comments, buttons to upload your own banner, there will be a team of moderators maintaining the database, there will be a forum, we will have reforestation banners, climate action banners, vegan banners, English banners, Spanish banners, German banners, French banners, you name it. No matter your country, no matter your protest, you will be able to find a great banner or an inspiration for making your own banner here at

Would you like to help us to create Do you enjoy writing web code, writing articles about sustainability, managing social media accounts, and/or managing internet forums? Are you okay with working, initially, just for your good feeling and an interesting CV item?

Awesome! DM us on Instagram (@earthwords_org) and let's talk!